advantage india

With competition at a constant peak and the pressure to cut cost mounting by the minute, large corporations have recognized the need to look at Low Cost Countries (LCCs). Outsourcing of Design and Die build is the mantra of the 21st century. To stay competitive companies must think globally and leverage low Asian costs.

Advantage dvb D+E

Cut Cost: Moving just 15 designers offshore, saves close to half a million dollars each year.
Become Competitive: Unlike labour costs in the US our labour costs are among the lowest in the world.
Overnight Processing: Time Zone differences gives us the edge of 24/7/365.
Convert Fixed Costs to Variable: Pay for designers only when you need them.
Focus on Core Competency: Outsourcing of Design/Overseas Contract manufacturing lets the customer concentrate on core competency.
One-Stop-Shop: dvb D + E does both Design and Manufacture. We are a one-stop shop!!
No Language Barrier: India speaks English

India is the partner to global markets. It is your competitive advantage